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Petro-Canada's extensive line of Natural Gas Compressor Fluids delivers excellent performance in a wide range of demanding conditions.

Whether it is minimizing corrosion from H2S, separating water effectively or ensuring the best resistance to gas dilution and lubricant wash-off from the cylinder liner, Petro-Canada has a broad product slate of Natural Gas Compressor Fluids to fit your compressor operation.

Plant operations

Gas Plant & Pipeline Lubricants


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Our Natural Gas Compressor Fluids

Compressor Oil RP™

For the lubrication of Stationary Gas compressor cylinders and rod packings...

NG Screw CompOil™

Designed for use in flooded screw compressors in natural gas production and...


Formulated for lubricating and cooling reciprocating and rotary screw...

PC GasComp™

For high temperature & high pressure gas compressors.

What sets our Natural Gas Compressor Fluids apart

Reliable, Long-Term Performance

Our compressor fluids are designed to compensate for gas dilution and offer excellent wear and corrosion protection.

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