DURON Classic

DURON™ Classic

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils

Delivers the durability to protect engines running on higher sulphur fuels and with higher soot levels, while delivering the protection of next generation DURON technology.

Formulated to API CH-4, DURON Classic delivers an unrivalled blend of performance and value to help you get the most out of your engines, stay productive, reduce costs and improve your reliability, no matter how tough their operating conditions.

Soot Protection: Designed to maintain its performance in engines using higher sulphur fuels and engines prone to build-up of soot or sludge.
Tough in Wide Temperatures: Formulated to resist the high temperatures of sustained heavy duty use, and to provide critical protection over a wide temperature range.
Enhanced Durability & Protection: Delivers long term protection against engine wear and the build-up of engine deposits and harmful sludge even under tough conditions.

DURON Classic


DURON Classic 15W-40 protects and performs in diesel engines that run on higher sulphur fuels and with higher soot levels on-road or off-road.

Approved by API to API SERVICE CH-4 specification levels, it is an effective choice for legacy engines to deliver a blend of performance and value no matter how tough the operating conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Tough in all Weather Conditions: Formulated to resist damage that can be caused by cold weather start up. It also protects at high temperatures from sustained heavy duty use once your engines get going.
  • Soot Protection: Designed to maintain its performance in engines using higher Sulphur fuels and engines prone to build ups of soot or sludge helping to resist the formation of acids which can lead to engine damage.
  • Extended Drain Intervals: Demonstrated extended drain[1] capabilities in the toughest of tough environments.

OEM Approvals


  • API CH-4 – Approved
  • API SJ – Approved


  • ECF-1-a – Suitable for Use
  • TO-2 – Suitable for use


  • CES 20076 – Suitable for use


  • Mack EO-M Plus – Suitable for Use


  • MAN 271 – Suitable for Use


  • MB 228.31 – Suitable for Use


  • MTU Type 1 - Suitable for Use


  • Volvo VDS-2 – Suitable for Use

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