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The severe operating conditions common to gas fuelled engines used in gas compression, power generation and cogen/CHP demand a Stationary Gas Engine Oil that delivers performance and extended oil life while helping you maintain excellent control of engine deposits.

Petro-Canada’s SENTRON™ Stationary Gas Engine Oils are a family of premium performance, long-life gas engine oils specially formulated to lubricate stationary gas engines and power generation equipment.

Case Study

"Reducing downtime and increasing savings with SENTRON LD 5000."

Isayev Sergei Nikolayevich
Technical Director
Norskiy Keramicheskiy Zavod

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Our Stationary Gas Engine Oils


High performance, long-life oils used for Stationary Gas engines and...

What sets our Stationary Gas Engine Oils apart

Premium Performance

Improved engine performance with longer lasting oil and extended drain intervals.

Reliability & Savings

Outstanding anti-wear protection and reduced cylinder and piston wear provide enhanced reliability and savings.

Excellent Engine Cleanliness

Keeps engine parts clean by:

  • Minimizing ring zone and valve stem deposits
  • Improving engine lubrication by maintaining clean oil-ways
  • Meets Severe Operational Demands

    Designed for the severe operating conditions common to Stationary Gas engines.

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