PC BAR & CHAIN OILS contain LUBE-LOCK Technology designed for greater adherence/tackiness to bars and chains.

LUBE-LOCK Technology logoLUBE-LOCK Technology is a Petro-Canada Lubricants' enhanced tackifier system that works on a molecular level to enable even the finest oils to stay in place during tough operations at both high and low temperatures. This makes PC BAR & CHAIN OILS ideal for summer and winter use with the appropriate viscosity grades.


  • PC BAR & CHAIN OILS tacky and stringy nature reduces oil consumption. They stick and resist "throw off" from chains and bars

Excellent metal wetting ability

  • Complete oil coverage of guide bar, chain and groove
  • Penetrates all linkage points
  • Extends saw chain life

Long-term rust and corrosion protection

  • Protects the chain and bar from rusting

Improved anti-wear protection

  • Helps to prevent damaging metal-to-metal contact between chains, guide bars and drive sprockets
  • Increases chain and guide bar service life



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