For a wide range of gear, bearing and compressor applications

SYNDURO SHB synthetic multifunctional fluids are specially formulated for the lubrication of gears, bearings and air compressors operating under demanding conditions.

  • Highest oxidation stability in its class
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Superior wear protection
  • Excellent resistance to rust and corrosion
  • High viscosity index
  • Suitable for older equipment
  • Broad range of application

SYNDURO SHB fluids are suitable for a wide range of gear, bearing and compressor applications in the forestry, mining, marine, general manufacturing and heavy-duty industries where low seasonal start-up temperatures and/or high operating temperatures prevail.

In new equipment, SYNDURO SHB fluids meet or exceed OEM requirements where synthetic lubricants are recommended. In older equipment, SYNDURO SHB provides superior anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection for high speed gears and bearings operating at maximum capacity.


Plant operations

Gas Plant & Pipeline Lubricants


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