Drilling Mud Base Fluids

Drilling Mud Base Fluids

Drilling Mud Base Fluids

Drilling Mud Base Fluid for environmentally-sensitive areas

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Petro-Canada’s PUREDRILL™ drilling mud base fluids represent a breakthrough for onshore and offshore drill operators who want to maximize drilling efficiency while improving health, safety and environmental practices.

Base Oils

About our Specialty Base Oils & Fluids


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Our Drilling Mud Base Fluids


PUREDRILL Drilling Mud Base Fluids are designed to increase drilling...

What sets our Drilling Mud Base Fluids apart?

Greater Lubricity & Hole Stability

PUREDRILL provides improved lubricity and hole stability versus water-based mud.

Low Toxicity

PUREDRILL fluids have low toxicity due to a virtual absence of impurities, as well as having good biodegradability characteristics.

Reduced Risk, Fast & Safe Clean-up

PUREDRILL features a higher flash point than diesel, helping to reduce risk of fire or explosion as well as faster, safer rig cleanup.

Minimizes Skin & Eye Irritation

PUREDRILL helps eliminate irritation that can result from exposure to diesel-based systems.