Coach Bus

Protect your fleet. Drive your profitability.

In the transit industry, downtime is serious and maintenance schedules tight. Your operations depend on keeping vehicles in service and on the road.

Petro-Canada Lubricants’ tough formulations are proven in the field. They keep protecting your equipment no matter how punishing the timetable gets. They will help keep your operations running smoothly, hour after hour and day after day.

Engine Crankcase Coolant System Transmission Wheel Bearings Wheel Bearings Differentials & Axles Hydraulic Lifts and Ramps for Accessibility
  • *Only applicable for certain older models with manual transmissions.
  • Note: These are general guidelines containing select Petro-Canada Lubricants products that may be most suitable for your equipment. You should always follow your OEM recommendations. Please contact a Petro-Canada Lubricants representative for more information and our complete product listing.
  • LUB3916E (2023.02)