Mining Electric Shovel

Protect your productivity. Conquer the extreme.

Remote locations, severe loads, the harshest conditions… mining is a world of extremes. Petro-Canada Lubricants’ high performance, heavy-duty product line is designed with one purpose – to enable mining operators to Conquer the Extreme. We’re ready to make every piece of equipment longer-lasting and more reliable – and your operations more productive and profitable.

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Bearing/Pins/Bushings Bearing/Pins/Bushings Bearing/Pins/Bushings Hoist open gear and pinions (Cat 7495 only) Cat 7495 hydracrowd only Ring gear and pinions Open gear and dipper stick sliding areas Roller Path (house rollers)
  • Note: These are general guidelines containing select Petro-Canada Lubricants products that may be most suitable for your equipment. You should always follow your OEM recommendations. Please contact a Petro-Canada Lubricants representative for more information and our complete product listing.
  • LUB3946E (2023.06)