Base Oils

Base Oils

Base Oils

Base oils to optimize your performance and or cost

Not all base oils are created equal. As a pioneer in the manufacturing of Group II and Group III base oils, we apply more than 30 years of experience in choosing the right catalyst and selecting high-quality feedstock.

Operating at a high degree of severity, we use the HT PURITY Process to remove impurities that can hinder performance to provide you with crystal-clear, 99.9% pure base oil.

Whether you are formulating for today or tomorrow, Petro-Canada's line of PURITY base oils gives you the advantage and flexibility you need to create winning formulations.



Base Oils

About our Specialty Base Oils & Fluids


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Our Base Oils

PURITY™ Base Oils

PURITY Base Oils offer a better base for your business to build on...

What sets our Base Oils apart?

High Viscosity Index

PURITY base oils have a high viscosity index.

Oxidation & Thermal Resistance

PURITY base oils respond very well to anti-oxidants and have excellent resistance to oxidation, resulting in long lubricant life in finished products.

Low Temperature Properties

The excellent low temperature properties of our base oils keep them fluid at extreme low temperatures, which protects equipment and allows for easier cold weather start-ups.

Low Volatility

Next-generation engine oils have very stringent NOACK volatility requirements, which is largely dependent on the base oil volatility.

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