Locomotive Diesel Engine Oil

The railroad industry is tough, and you need a strong lubricants partner who really understands this business. Their RGO locomotive engine oils have been built over a century-long legacy of rail industry expertise. As engines have evolved, becoming even stronger and more powerful, so have Red Giant Oil products. We have focused on this sector, developing engine oils that are as reliable as our commitment to this industry.

Today, Red Giant Oil engine oils are still going strong. They continue to keep all types of locomotive engines moving every day, in rail companies large and small, from short line railroads to Class I railroads, from yard switching to precision railroading across North America.

Locomotive diesel engine oils are designed to lubricate large medium-speed diesel engines driving railroad locomotives, marine vessels and electric-power generators.

These locomotive engine oils are ashless-dispersant, non-zinc, non-chlorinated oils developed to meet the demands of modern railroad, stationary power generation, and marine heavy-duty diesel engines. They are zinc-free for compatibility with silver plated or silver alloy engine components. These oils have been tested and approved in railroad service, in close co-operation with the major locomotive engine builders such as Progress Rail (formerly EMD) and Wabtec (formerly GE).

Red Giant Locomotive Engine Oil 20W-40 G7 is a multi-grade, 11 TBN, LMOA Generation 7 level engine oil. It is approved by Progress Rail (formerly EMD) and Wabtec (formerly GE).

RALUBE™ 40 CFS is an SAE 40 grade, 14 Base Number premium quality crankcase oil, formulated for severe service in diesel locomotive engines, driving railroad locomotives, marine vessels and electric power generators. RALUBE™ 40 CFS is suitable for use for Progress Rail (formerly EMD), Wabtec (formerly GE), 2-cycle Detroit Diesel engines, including Series 149, and where LMOA Gen 5 is required.

Typical characteristics are shown below:

  40 CFS 20W-40 G7
SAE Grade 40 20W-40
Viscosity, cSt @ 40°C 142 144
Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C 14.8 15.4
Viscosity Index 104 110
Flash Point, COC, °C/°F 267/513 258/496
Pour Point, °C/°F -27/-17 -27/-17
Sulphated Ash, % Wt 1.5 1.12
Base Number (D2896), mg KOH/g 14 11


  1. Agriculture
  2. Consumer Automobile
  3. Construction
  4. Food & Beverage
  5. Forestry
  6. Heavy-Duty Transportation
  7. General Manufacturing
  8. Medium-Duty Transportation
  9. Mining
  10. Corrugated Packaging
  11. Gas Plants, Pipelines & Power Generation
  12. Rail
  13. Transit
  14. Waste Operations