Product Shelf Life

Depending on their composition, the performance properties and stability of liquid lubricants (oils) will remain intact for a number of years provided they are in their unopened, original sealed containers and have been in protected storage* that prevents exposure to UV light or severe high/low temperature cycles.

Industry performance standards and lubrication formulations can change. A lubricant which is near its expiry date may still perform to its original design, but it may not meet the latest requirements and specifications of newer equipment. It is always advised to consult the OEM manual.

The shelf life of Petro-Canada Lubricants lubricating oils is as follows:

Indefinite Storage Life – Base Oils and Process Oils

These may be stored indefinitely under protected conditions without any significant deterioration in performance. Slight changes in appearance / color may occur. If they are used as part of a manufacturing process or application, the product properties should be reconfirmed if over 5 years old. The only exceptions are the PARAFLEX™ HT 3 and PARAFLEX™ HT 5 process oils which should be reconfirmed at 3 years.

5 Year Shelf Life

  • ENDURATEX™ EP and XL Syn Blend EP industrial gear oils

  • Engine oils (diesel, gasoline, locomotive, natural gas, biogas) with the exception of SENTRON™ Ashless 40

  • Heat Transfer Fluids

  • Hydraulic oils (except HYDREX™ Extreme)

  • PURITY™ FG Silicone Spray and Penetrating Spray

  • R&O and turbine oils

  • SEPRO™ paper machine oils

  • Tackified products such as way oils, chain oils, rock drill oils, saw guide oils

  • Transmission Drive Train Oils meeting Caterpillar TO-4 or FD-1

4 Year Shelf Life

  • Automatic Transmission Fluids

3 Year Shelf Life

  • Axle, Gear and Manual Transmission Oils

  • Compressor fluids for air, ammonia, natural gas and other gases

  • ENDURATEX™ Mild WG oils

  • ENDURATEX™ SYNTHETIC gear fluids

  • HARNEX™ wind turbine gear fluid

  • HYDREX™ Extreme hydraulic fluid

  • LUMINOL™ electrical insulating oils

  • PURITY™ FG AW Hydraulic Fluids, EP Gear Fluids, Compressor Fluids, Chain Fluids

  • PURITY™ FG Spray

  • SENTRON™ Ashless 40 natural gas engine oil

  • SYNDURO™ SHB multifunctional synthetic lubricants

  • UTF/THF/UTTO fluids

  • White Mineral Oils USP (North America) with Vitamin E

2 Year Shelf Life

  • PURITY™ FG Corrcut-E Fluid 15

  • VULTREX™ Gearshield NC

  • White Mineral Oil DAB (Europe), without Vitamin E

1 Year Shelf Life

  • PURITY™ FG Trolley Fluid

Storage under unprotected conditions can result in water ingress. Water is detrimental to the appearance of the lubricant (hazy and milky) but more importantly, it affects the additive system and greatly reduces the performance level of the lubricant. It can also cause rust formation/corrosion in metal containers and subsequently in the equipment.

*Protected conditions: indoor or covered storage with no freeze/thaw cycles.

The shelf life of a grease is affected by the type and amount of thickener used, consistency of the grease, manufacturing method employed and the formulation complexity. Generally, lithium, lithium complex and calcium sulfonate complex greases remain stable for a long time. Some thickeners may have a tendency to set and harden over long storage periods (such as aluminum complex), while others may soften on aging (such as barium greases).

The shelf life of Petro-Canada Lubricants greases of NLGI grade 1 or higher is five (5) years.

Petro-Canada Lubricants greases of NLGI grade 0 or softer (#0, 00 or 000) generally have a shelf life of three (3) years. The list includes, but may not be limited to:



  • PRECISION™ Synthetic EP00

  • VULTREX™ MPG Synthetic Arctic

  • VULTREX™ OGL Heavy 6200 and OGL Synthetic 2200.

  • The only exception is the following grease which has a shelf life of two (2) years:

  • VULTREX™ OGL Synthetic All Season 680

  • For specialty or niche products not listed, please consult your HollyFrontier Lubricants & Specialties representative.

Product fill dates appear on all packaging and indicate the date that the particular package was filled. The shelf life of Petro-Canada Lubricants products begins with these fill dates.

Here is a summary of how to interpret the fill dates on the products packaged at the manufacturing plant in Mississauga, Canada (Lubeplex). For all others, please contact your sales representative.

1L Bottle and 4L Jug: - 1L & 4L Case:

160305LX indicates the fill date March 5th 2016 and LX is for Lubeplex


Label beneath handle inserts on side of pail. Fill date indicated as

YYYY-MM-DDLX (eg 2016-03-05LX). LX indicates Lubeplex.


2016/03/05LX indicates the fill date March 5th 2016 and LX is for Lubeplex


2016/03/05LX indicates the fill date March 5th 2016 and LX is for Lubeplex


2016/03/05LX indicates the fill date March 5th 2016 and LX is for Lubeplex


  • Tubes:
    03/05/2016LX indicates the fill date March 5th 2016 and LX is for Lubeplex

  • Inner Pack (10 Tube Carton):
    2016/03/05 indicates the fill date March 5th 2016

  • Case:
    2016/03/05 indicates the fill date March 5th 2016