Red Giant Locomotive Engine Oil

For modern railroad, stationary power generation and marine heavy-duty diesel engines

Red Giant Locomotive Engine Oil 20W-40 G7 is a multi-grade, 11 TBN, LMOA Generation 7 level engine oil and was developed to meet the demands of modern railroad, stationary power generation, and marine heavy-duty diesel engines. It is an ashless-dispersant, non-zinc, non-chlorinated oil and is approved by Progress Rail (formerly EMD) and Wabtec (formerly GE).

Red Giant Locomotive Engine Oil

OEM Approvals

Progress Rail (formerly Electro-Motive Diesel Inc)

  • EMD 567, 645, 710 and 1010 engines, meeting EPA Tier 4 and previous emission standards - Approved

Wabtec (formerly General Electric)

  • In GE diesel engines, where low and ultra-low sulfur fuels are used, including Tier 4 emission level - Approved