Extend the life of your equipment

TRAXON axle/gear and manual transmission fluids are built from decades of expertise and with world class technologies. TRAXON provides excellent shear stability and long oil life, helping you:

  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs
  • Increase reliability and component life
  • Increase durability in some of the toughest conditions
  • Improved application coverage


360 Product Selector

This tool helps you find the best lubricants for heavy-duty vehicles and mobile equipment.


TRAXON™ Product Lines

TRAXON™ Synthetic

For outstanding protection in extreme temperature conditions.

TRAXON™ XL Synthetic Blend

For low temperature protection and efficient operating performance.


Multigrade gear fluids that extend equipment life and reduce downtime and...

TRAXON™ E Synthetic

For “Genuine Roadranger” extended drain and warranty performance...

Why Choose TRAXON?

Exceeds OEM Specifications

Designed to exceed the new SAE J2360 global standard, Dana, Meritor, ZF, Mack, Navistar, and Eaton’s stringent GL-5/MIL-PRF–2105E gear oil specifications.

Superior Wear Protection

Excellent shear stability ensures retention of viscosity to protect equipment against metal-to-metal contact and wear, especially at higher temperatures.

Longer Life

Maintains its viscosity and resists degradation and sludging, which provides better protection.

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