Agnico Eagle
  • Quality is the key because they can’t afford to have any down time or fly in oil.
  • The key to success is to extend drain intervals and not have to change out the oil seasonally so they need something that’ll work at the minus 50 as well as the plus 20.
  • At the mine site, we use a full range from the DURON to the PRODURO as well as the HYDREX EXTREME and we’ve had some really good success with the HYDREX EXTREME. We’re able to extend it throughout the year and not have to do the change-outs,.” Lonny Syvret, Maintenance Superintendent, Agnico Eagle.
  • “We have from 150 ton trucks right down to small dump trucks - it’s key to have one oil that we can put in all our equipment, for example, 0W-30 DURON, we use it in all our engines across the fleets so we don’t have to change out two different types of oils so that’s pretty important on the cost side,.” Lonny Syvret, Maintenance Superintendent, Agnico Eagle.

About Agnico Eagle’s Meadowbank Mine:

Agnico Eagle acquired Meadowbank in 2007 and construction started in 2007/2008 and then commercial production in 2010. The mobile equipment used at the mine are mostly CAT fleet - 992’s, triple 7’s, 785 CAT fleet, as well as RH-120 shovels, which is the CAT 60-30 now.

Equipment at mine

“I would recommend Petro-Canada Lubricants. The key points for us were the quality, the extended drain intervals, and also the full range of product that they supply.”

Lonny Syvret,
Maintenance Superintendent,
Agnico Eagle



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Tom Blake,
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