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HYDREX high performance hydraulic fluids provide increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs — whether your equipment is exposed to wide or extreme temperature ranges — whatever the season.

With up to 3x longer oil life and up 2x better wear protection than competitive fluids[1], count on the worry-free performance of HYDREX to keep your equipment running smoothly.


longer oil life potential[2]


better wear protection potential[3]


potential fuel savings[4]


potential productivity increase[5]

HYDREX Product Lines

HYDREX™ XV All Season

Semi-synthetic fluid for all season temperature performance and exceptional...


For heavy duty hydraulic oil applications operating at high pressures and...


For high-performance hydraulic systems.

HYDREX™ Specialty

Specialty hydraulic fluids to meet your most challenging operating...

Why Choose HYDREX?

Expect Better Wear Protection

With HYDREX, you can reduce maintenance and mechanical failures, and prolong the life of your equipment.

Proven to provide up to 2x better wear protection than global competitors,[6] its combination of pure base oils and carefully selected additives delivers exceptional anti-wear protection.

Expect More System Efficiencies

Cut operating costs with the increased fuel and energy efficiencies of HYDREX.

HYDREX is better able to respond to fluctuations in operating conditions to generate hydraulic pump and system efficiencies.

The result is up to 5% fuel savings in mobile equipment and highly responsive performance.[7]

More Extreme Weather Performance

Whether you operate in an environment with extreme temperature fluctuations or need to run your equipment at high temperatures, HYDREX keeps your system protected, which reduces downtime.

Its high Viscosity Index and low Pour Point deliver maximum performance in extreme conditions from start-up to shut-down.

Expect More Oil Life Durability

HYDREX is the proven industry leader in oil life and in extending drain intervals, which reduces maintenance costs.

HYDREX’s high shear stability maintains fresh oil viscosities longer. Its superior oxidation and thermal stability significantly lower sludge formation. And less sludge means less time and money spent on change-outs.

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