Turbine Fluids

Turbine Fluids

Turbine Fluids

Excellent lubrication, cooling & protection

Petro-Canada’s line of turbine fluids delivers excellent lubrication and cooling to steam, hydraulic and gas turbines and perform well as general purpose circulating oils in various industrial applications. They all exhibit excellent thermal and oxidative stability as well as excellent air and water separability.

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Gas Plant, Pipeline & Power Gen: Choosing a Supplier


Our Turbine Fluids


TURBOFLO fluids outperform when it comes to lubricating steam, hydraulic...

What sets our Turbine Fluids apart

Thermal & Oxidative Stability

Delivers the ultimate performance with exceptional oxidative and thermal stability, providing protection and reliability.

Exceeds OEM Specifications

Meets and exceeds the specifications of many significant OEMs including Siemens, Alstom, GE and many more.

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