Gas Plant, Pipeline & Power Gen: Upgrading Your Lubricant – How Petro-Canada Provides Support

When your job is to manage, protect and optimize some of the largest, most complex and expensive equipment in the industry, every operational decision you make is critical, especially when it comes to the lubricant.

The lubricant plays a key role in overall productivity:

  • it is critical to meeting operational goals
  • it protects and prolongs the life of the machine
  • it is the lifeblood of the equipment

In many cases, when you commit to a lubricant, it’s likely a decision you live with for many years. It’s no wonder maintenance engineers or technicians are more inclined to stick with what they know, even if there may be a better option available.

The prospect of switching can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

We focus on the expertise, tools and resources necessary to make the transition as seamless and painless as possible. Ultimately, we want operators to get the most out of their equipment and that includes choosing the best lubricants for the job, which may mean making a switch.

Here are the top 5 concerns that our customers raise when considering a lubricant switch and how we are able to help:

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Making a complete lubricant switch is a big deal. From research, certifications and approvals to testing, employee training and eventual change-outs, there’s a lot to consider throughout the process – it doesn’t happen overnight.

Our Sales and Technical Services teams have helped support hundreds of companies. During the transition, our Technical Services team can become an extension of your team, to help address each unique need at any given stage.

It starts with a deep understanding of your business and its lubricant demands.

In most cases, this includes the use of lubricant surveys, taking inventory of what’s currently being used and what issues exist. This provides the opportunity for specific recommendations, which can also include formal letters of approval or any necessary documentation. From there, we may be able to help with any compatibility testing, trialing and, of course, ongoing support during the complete transition.

Maintaining effective oil monitoring is essential for today’s operations. Therefore, when making a switch, customers need to be sure they have the right support to either implement or continue their analysis programs.

Our approach to oil monitoring is designed to match each of our customers’ individual needs.

This can include recommendations on:

  • scheduling
  • testing methods
  • appropriate laboratories, if needed

And in some cases, we also provide support for:

  • execution
  • training
  • flagging key oil concerns

Working one on one with industry-leading operations for many years has provided our team with the background and expertise to not only detect major maintenance issues, but also to make strategic recommendations to extend equipment uptime, reduce costs and improve overall productivity based on used oil analysis results and monitoring.

Face to face or over the phone, they can be ready with tools such as cost-savings models, lubricant surveys and unbiased used oil analyses where required, to give operations better insight into their lubricant performance.

Every operation presents its own unique goals, challenges and lubricant demands. The right supplier should be able to provide the solutions to meet these demands, and then some.

Petro-Canada Lubricants offers a wide variety of products and solutions, designed for a range of needs within today’s operations. In fact, within the power generation and gas plant industries alone, we manufacture over 40 products.

This includes many specialty products and grade options formulated to meet ongoing customer demand.

A few of our leading products include:

SENTRON LD 8000 is a premium-performance, long-life natural engine oil proven to provide up to 8,000 hours between drains.

PC GasComp™ SP Series:
These Compressor Fluids are specifically formulated synthetic lubricants that provide enhanced lubrication protection in high temperature, high pressure and high specific gravity gas compressor applications.

TURBOFLO™ LV is changing maintenance practices with proven resistance to varnish formation almost two times better than the next leading product. TURBOFLO™ XL is a premium turbine fluid designed to lubricate and cool the steam gas turbines and deliver excellent lubrication to bearings operating in severe conditions.

On top of this, we offer solutions for:

  • heavy duty engines (DURON™)
  • hydraulics (HYDREX™)
  • compressors (COMPRO™)
  • gear drives and bearing systems (ENDURATEX™)
  • liquid phase heat transfer applications (CALFLO™)
  • transformers (LUMINOL™)

Above all, it’s important to select the products and solutions that will work best for your specific operation and goals.

A lubricant is only as good as the people and processes that are in place to make sure it can live up to its standards. Therefore, suppliers play a pivotal role in preparing and educating teams to bring out the best in the products they use every day.

We place high importance on making sure teams operating and maintaining machines are well equipped with knowledge and support for the safest, most effective operations possible.

Specifically, we:

  • help customers fully understand the specifications and product solutions that are available
  • make sure teams are prepared to handle, store and apply their products, as well as execute the necessary steps for testing or analyzing performance
  • offer one-on-one training with in-house personnel in some cases
  • provide additional literature and technical resources to guide those working directly with the fluids

Above all, it’s important to select the solution that will work best for your specific operation and goals.

You need a lubricant provider with abundant production capacity and a global distribution network. We’ve built our business to meet the needs of our customers around the world. Petro-Canada Lubricants operates one of the largest base oil refineries in the world. Our distribution network spans over 80 countries, covering 6 continents. Each and every day, we deliver solutions to many different industries, with more than 350 individual lubricant, specialty fluid and grease product options across the globe.

No matter the location, customers can be confident in the consistent quality and performance of all Petro-Canada lubricants. Our products are manufactured to the world’s most demanding standards so you can count on maximum uptime and minimum downtime, and look forward to higher productivity and profits.


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