PC Cleaning Fluid

CALFLO™ Cleaning Fluid

CALFLO Cleaning Fluid effectively cleans dirty or heavily carbonized systems that have been operating on aromatic based or mineral-based heat transfer fluids.

Specially designed to clean heat transfer systems

  • Works for systems that contain aromatic based or mineral oil based heat transfer fluids

Excellent cleaning properties when used at elevated temperatures (up to 100 °C / 212 °F) and turbulent flow conditions

Helps to improve thermal efficiency

  • The use of CALFLO Cleaning Fluid will contribute to better thermal efficiency of the heat transfer system

  • Recommended for use in closed heat transfer systems which suffer from carbon and sludge formation due to thermal and oxidative degradation, and especially those employing aromatic heat transfer fluids
  • The recommended upper operating limit is 100°C (212°F)
  • Should be used along with CALFLO Flushing Fluid to thoroughly clean and rinse dirty systems

Food Processing Facilities

  • HT1 registered by NSF
  • Acceptable for use in food processing facilities
  • PURITY™ FG WO White Mineral Oil should be used in food processing facilities as the flushing fluid

CALFLO Cleaning Fluid

White Paper

Prolong the useful life of heat transfer fluids in liquid-phase systems

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