Flushing Fluid

CALFLO™ Flushing Fluid

CALFLO Flushing Fluid is a clear, ultra-pure fluid specifically designed as a flushing agent for heat transfer systems.

Excellent mechanical flush

  • Minimizes trapped, residual fluids
  • Helps to displace system contaminates including water, loose solids and debris
  • Creates a clean environment to maximize the performance and service life of the new fluid

Compatible with all grades of CALFLO Heat Transfer Fluids

  • Minimal impact on physical properties of most new heat transfer fluids
  • Will not add thermally unstable materials or shorten new fluid life
  • No reduction in new fluid viscosity, flash point or initial boiling point

Easy disposal*

  • Can be disposed of through a number of environmentally acceptable methods such as used oil recycling or heavy fuels burning

* Any disposal practice must be in compliance with federal, state, provincial and/or local laws and regulations.

CALFLO Flushing Fluid

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Prolong the useful life of heat transfer fluids in liquid-phase systems

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