Full synthetic and synthetic blend multi-vehicle transmission fluids

Petro-Canada DuraDrive Synthetic Transmission Fluid formulations offer true multi-vehicle performance, outstanding wear protection and exceptional fluid life.

Petro-Canada Lubricants sells light duty and heavy-duty transmission fluids. DuraDrive HD products are specially formulated for commercial and heavy-duty (HD) transmission systems where a severe duty and/or extended drain interval fluid is specified. DuraDrive HD Synthetic 668 is the licensed and approved factory fill fluid for on-highway and vocational Allison Transmission transmissions that need a TES 668®. This fluid is fully back serviceable to those transmissions previously filled with TES 295®. Other products include DuraDrive HD Synthetic Blend ATF and DuraDrive HD Long Drain ATF.

With fluids targeted at both the high viscosity ATF market and next generation transmissions requiring lower viscosity ATF fluids, our DuraDrive line meets the needs of most of the automatic transmissions in the fleet today.

For light duty vehicles, DuraDrive offers true multi-vehicle performance with DuraDrive MV Synthetic ATF and DuraDrive LV Synthetic ATF. DuraDrive also includes a synthetic transmission fluid suitable for Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) to meet the unique challenges of these transmissions while still maintaining true multi-vehicle performance.

DuraDrive also includes a synthetic transmission fluid suitable for a wide range of wet Dual Clutch (or Double Clutch) transmissions (DCTs). Formulated specifically to protect these automatic transmission types with optimal friction response for the clutches combined with load-carrying capacity and synchromesh performance to protect the gearbox, while still maintaining multi-vehicle performance you have come to know in the DuraDrive brand.

TES 295® and TES 668® are trademarks of Allison Transmission, Inc.


DuraDrive™ HD Synthetic 668

DuraDrive HD Synthetic 668 is the global factory fill automatic transmission fluid for Allison Transmission - TES 668™ approved.


DuraDrive Product Lines

DuraDrive™ HD

Heavy duty transmission fluids formulated to perform under...

DuraDrive™ MV Synthetic ATF

Full synthetic, high viscosity, multi-vehicle ATF.

DuraDrive™ Low Viscosity MV Synthetic ATF

Full synthetic, low viscosity, multi-vehicle ATF.

DuraDrive™ CVT MV Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Ideal for a wide range of continuously variable transmissions.

DuraDrive™ DCT MV Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Ideal for a wide range of wet dual or double clutch transmissions.

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