Waste Truck Fleet

Waste Operations

Stronger lubricants to protect waste fleets better, for longer

No industry gives its vehicles – and its lubricants – a tougher time than the waste sector.

Heavy loads combined with constant start-stop operation and hours of idling all put a big strain on the vehicle, and places stress on the lubricants and fluids used to protect critical parts ranging from the engine to the hydraulics.

Petro-Canada’s lubricants are proven in some of the toughest industry tests and waste fleets to protect better, for longer.


Waste Operations Product Categories

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oils

Built on our world class technology and decades of expertise, DURON™ next...

Hydraulic Fluids

Resist thermal and oxidative breakdown, protect equipment against wear...


Hard-working industrial greases that stay in place and provide ultimate...

Automotive Axle/Gear & Manual Transmission Fluids

For commercial transportation axle/gear and manual transmission fluids…

Automatic Transmission Fluids

A full line of Automatic Transmission Fluids that meet major manufacturer...

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