Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Think an engine oil can’t change your business? Think again.

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Productivity. Fuel economy. Vehicles that work more and get repaired less. These are the things that make a real difference to your business. Can a heavy-duty diesel engine oil really help deliver that?

DURON™ can.

In the toughest conditions from the hottest desert highways to freezing mines and construction sites, DURON proves every day that it can take vehicles farther between oil drains, keep them working reliably and help you save money for your business.

DURON is ready for every challenge. We say, bring it on. The Tougher, The Better.

Our Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oils


Discover the most durable high performance oils we’ve ever made – because...

Higher performance, everywhere it matters

Engine Protection & Durability

More durable oil means better sustained protection to extend the life of your engines.

DURON is so durable it surpasses the passing conditions of the Cummins ISB API CK-4 and FA-4 qualification test, widely considered "one of the toughest engine performance tests."

Extended Drain Intervals

The longer you can safely extend oil drain intervals, the better your productivity. DURON has proven time and time again to enable vehicles and equipment to go further between oil drains with no compromise on reliability or engine protection.[1]

Extreme Operations

When conditions are extreme, that’s when you need to trust your oil most. High temperatures can degrade ordinary engine oils and freezing temperatures impede oil flow. DURON performs in some of the most extreme environments in the world.

Petro-Canada Lubricants are leaders in all season engine oils – and DURON delivers performance you can trust.

Fuel Economy

On and off-road, fuel consumption is a critical cost for every heavy-duty business.

In meeting the category demands of API CK-4 or FA-4, DURON delivers outstanding protection with lower viscosity engine oils, allowing engines to run more efficiently and potentially use less fuel.

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