Delivers performance for
all season applications

Petro-Canada Lubricants’ line of Tractor Hydraulic Fluids (THFs) and Universal Tractor Transmission Oils (UTTOs) helps your agriculture, mining, forestry and construction equipment perform at its best in the toughest conditions.

DURATRAN ensures unparalleled performance for equipment with a common oil system for transmission, differential, hydraulic, power take-off, wet brake and power steering mechanisms.


360 Product Selector

This tool helps you find the best lubricants for heavy-duty vehicles and mobile equipment.


DURATRAN Product Lines

DURATRAN™ Synthetic

For true all-season performance while reducing the need for seasonal...


Exceeds the performance characteristics of summer grade THF fluids.

Why Choose DURATRAN?

Resistance to Breakdown

DURATRAN extends fluid change intervals considerably past OEM recommendations by providing strong resistance against sludge, varnish buildup and fluid thickening.

Controlled Frictional Properties

DURATRAN keeps your brakes, clutches and power take-off mechanisms performing at their best with excellent shear stability and the correct balance of lubricity and friction.

Low Temperature Performance

DURATRAN demonstrates exceptional low-temperature fluidity, which allows easier cold weather startup of all equipment.

Protection Against Wear

DURATRAN provides excellent wear protection for bearings and gears under demanding, shock-loaded operating conditions.

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