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Processing and transporting Natural Gas depends on reliable equipment. The lubricants you use are a crucial part of keeping your engines, turbines and compressors running smoothly. 

Scheduled or unexpected downtime at remote processing plants and pipeline compressors can cost your company money. That’s why the combination of protection, performance and extended drain intervals has many in the gas industry turning to Petro-Canada as their solution for a broad range of lubricants.

Plant operations

Gas Plant & Pipeline Lubricants


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Gas Plants, Pipelines & Power Generation Product Categories

Natural Gas Engine Oils

High performance, long-life oils used for Stationary Gas engines.

Turbine Fluids

Petro-Canada Turbine Fluids deliver excellent lubrication, cooling and...

Natural Gas Compressor Fluids

Petro-Canada's extensive line of Natural Gas Compressor fluids delivers...

Electrical Insulating Oil

Electrical Insulating Oils are specially developed for onshore and...

Industrial Gear Oils

A complete line of lubricants for gear drives and bearing systems...

Our Gas Plants, Pipelines & Power Generation Industry

Available When You Need Us

Our Technical Representatives and Research & Development team help customers increase productivity and cut operating costs. Our timely, on-site solutions help extend equipment uptime and reduce costs.

Face to face or over the phone, our support team is ready with cost-savings models, lube surveys as well as unbiased used oil analysis.

Answering Tomorrow's Needs Today

Our lubricants meet or exceed OEM specs and the high quality standards of the industry.

We’re the first lubricants company in the world to achieve ISO/TS 16949, which replaced QS9000.

We’re also ISO 9001 registered. And with our ISO 14001 registration, we share your growing commitment to the environment.


For over 20 years, we’ve abided by a strict code of conduct and built a reputation as a responsible and ethical corporate citizen.

Operating a business means doing more than simply meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

We must balance economic growth with environmental stewardship and local community support.

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