Petro-Canada Lubricants ENDURATEX Synthetic OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) 680 is a premium performance, extreme pressure lubricant, formulated using polyalphaolefin (PAO) and ester-based technology. It has been developed to withstand severe load conditions, and help to reduce wear to maximize equipment protection and component life. Additionally, ENDURATEX Synthetic OHV is approved by General Electric against GE D50E35E specification for the lubrication of both DC and AC motorized wheel gearbox applications in off-highway haul trucks.

Outstanding anti-wear protection

  • Extends equipment life by reducing wear
  • Designed to protect equipment being operated under high load conditions

Excellent film strength and extreme pressure properties

  • Extends gearbox life and provides reliable operation in haul truck service
  • Reduces likelihood of seizure, scuffing or spalling of gear teeth under high load conditions

Wide range of extreme service temperature

  • Synthetic formulation and high viscosity index provide efficient lubrication over a wide temperature range and protection in extreme temperature conditions

ENDURATEX Synthetic OHV 680 is approved against the General Electric D50E35E specification for use in the lubrication of both DC and AC motorized wheel gearbox applications in off-highway haul trucks. It is also designed for industrial gearboxes operated under heavy duty conditions such as heavy loading, slow speed, shock loads and in wide extremes of temperature.

Recommended applications for this product include:

  • All types of enclosed gear drives
  • Industrial, heavy duty gear applications with extreme service conditions
  • Bearings, including plain, rolling elements and anti-friction types
  • Conveyor and chain drives
  • Compatible with equipment containing bronze components, including worm drives

ENDURATEX Synthetic OHV 680 creates an optimized oil film that reduces friction in gearboxes. The high viscosity index of ENDURATEX Synthetic OHV 680 allows the fluid to maintain a high viscosity and film strength at high operating temperatures.
It is formulated to withstand heavy loads and severe conditions, resulting in excellent micropitting resistance.


OEM Approvals


  • Reference: D50E27E / D50E35E
  • Approval Class: Approved for Use
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General Manufacturing Lubricants Brochure


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