Put the freeze on maintenance costs with REFLO

REFLO refrigeration compressor fluids are formulated for commercial refrigeration systems. The Food Processing and Cold Warehousing industries, along with other cold applications like ice rinks, present unique challenges for lubricants. Uninterrupted performance is critical to maintain product shelf life or reliable ice surface for sports. With increasing pressure to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs, maintenance managers face even greater lubricant demands.

We have been committed to developing innovative solutions through world-class refrigeration compressor fluids for over 20 years. Our REFLO line of compressor fluids, recognized globally, delivers reliable performance in a name you can trust.

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REFLO™: Performance You can Trust


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REFLO Product Lines

REFLO™ Synthetic

Provides exceptional performance at extreme low temperatures.

REFLO™ XL Synthetic Blend

A synthetic blend refrigeration compressor fluid used in industrial ammonia...


For ammonia refrigeration systems.


A highly refined naphthenic oil with excellent low temperature properties.

Why Choose REFLO?

Thermal & Oxidative Stability

Excellent resistance to oxidative and thermal breakdown guards against oil thickening, deposits and sludge formation. It helps to keep the compressor operating at its designed efficiency and performance standards. It also extends fluid life, even in the presence of impurities in the ammonia refrigerant, saving on downtime and change-out costs.

Lower Solubility in Ammonia

This improves system efficiency and performance as less ammonia is absorbed into the refrigeration lubricant and vice versa. This ensures that optimal viscosity is maintained and can reduce foaming and unwanted product carry-over to piping, valves and filters.

Lower Oil Volatility

REFLO is significantly less volatile than comparable fluids at high temperatures. With proper change-out procedures, this may result in reduced oil carry-over and fluid consumption. Lower oil carry-over also reduces sludging and deposit formation in evaporators, in turn decreasing related maintenance costs.

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