T Sport Bernau Season Preview

May 22, 2020

Petro-Canada Lubricants (PCL) is proud to continue its technical partnership with FIA European Truck Racing Championship team T Sport Bernau (formally Truck Sport Bernau and T Sport Racing). Read about the recent team changes.

The partnership with T Sport Bernau (TSB) is based on our mutual commitment to best-in-class technology and innovation to achieve a competitive edge. PCL’s research and development team works alongside TSB engineers to design advanced technology solutions to meet the high-performance needs of the racing truck driveline. The PCL products used throughout the racing truck driveline include:

  • Custom formulated DURON Racing Engine Oil
  • ATF D3M
  • TRAXON Synthetic MTF 75W-80
  • TRAXON XL Synthetic Blend 80W-140
  • Precision XL EP2
  • Precision XL EP1

The FIA European Truck Racing Championship season is expected to begin later this summer. While we wait for the racing to begin, watch the building the new 2020 TSB racing truck.

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