NG Screw CompOil

Mineral Oil based Compressor Fluids for Natural Gas

Petro-Canada’s NG Screw Compressor Oil fluids are designed for use in flooded screw compressors in natural gas production and service and are intended for the compression of the lightest hydrocarbon gases at moderate discharge temperatures.

These hydrotreated (HT) mineral oil based fluids include select additive chemistry to help protect metal surfaces against corrosion and to provide excellent performance in harsh natural gas streams.

The additive system is compatible with sour (H2S) hydrocarbon gas systems.

  • Protects equipment from corrosion in sour gas streams
  • Low temperature fluidity minimizes wear in cold temperature starts
  • Good water separation
  • Excellent lubricity
  • Excellent shear stability
  • Cost-effective

NG Screw CompOil compressor fluids are used for flooded screw compressors in natural gas field booster service.

Although these fluids are primarily intended for dry, light and clean natural gas service, at moderate temperatures and pressures, they can be used in select applications where water, H2S and/or CO2 contaminate the natural gas streams.

NG Screw CompOil

Plant operations

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